Widow.boarding.house.story.Ayano.Murasaki (2014) [japan 18+]

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Widow.boarding.house.story.Ayano.Murasaki (2014) [japan 18+]

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Synopsis: I went to a vocational school in Tokyo and went to my aunt’s house. My aunt Ayano is a sweet and beautiful person, living alone awaiting my uncle who left the house a year ago. My uncle does not want to show weakness to Ayano. He sticks out. When he gets bored, he sometimes leaves his house. Ayano quietly waits for him to come back, but his eyes are sad. Keisuke’s mind is getting bigger, but he can not go all the way to his ancestral ancestor’s appearance. And Ayano, longing for the vanished husband, allows the body to confess and attack the surprise laundry owner. And a phone call from the police station. It was the phone that informed the husband ‘s verb.

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