The stud More The Big Ning (2017) [korea 18+]

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The stud More The Big Ning (2017) [korea 18+]

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Synopsis: Garbage: Silo the Bigger Ning (2017) Watch the movie again "I have not exceeded one minute, the best thing to come back!" A stud in a village living in a rice paddy is like a fellow who lives next door. So, the first night of two people starts, and the clinging rope does not exceed one minute and it is shut up as it is. The story of such a steal spreads in the neighborhood in a moment, and the knot that learned the fact decides to leave the neighborhood in shock. The knot that has fallen in disrepair has helped an elderly person who is tired of hunger. In fact, the old man was a legendary old man. Kang will receive special expense training for the elderly. After that, he finds confidence and goes back to town ...

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