Shinseki no Obasan Hayami Ruri (2010) [japan 18+]

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Shinseki no Obasan Hayami Ruri (2010) [japan 18+]

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Synopsis: Imori and Kimiko who took care of Takashi, her adopted nephew while her sister and her brother were out in the country. Takashi, who has been a masturbator since she was a teenager, reminiscent of her aunt. Ruri and Kimiko, who came to take care of their nephews as usual, suddenly feel hot urge to see their grown-up nephew Takashi, and eventually, they want to make beautiful memories with their nephews. 언니와 형부가 외국에 나가 있는 동안 입양한 조카 타카시를 틈틈이 돌봐오던 이모 루리와 키미코. 사춘기 시절부터 이모들을 떠올리며 자위를 일삼아 왔던 타카시. 평소와 다름없이 조카를 돌보러 온 루리와 키미코는 어느 덧 성인 된 조카 타카시를 보며 갑자기 뜨거운 욕구를 느끼자 결국, 그녀들은 조카와의 아름다운 추억을 만들고자 하는데...

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