Senior Class (2016) [korea 18+]

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Senior Class (2016) [korea 18+]

category: Korea 18+

ผู้กำกับ: Hong Deok-pyo (홍덕표)

Synopsis: Perfect student and hottest girl of the school Joo-hee is rumored to be in the 'ten-pro' industry and her youth is ruined. Why does my first love have to be you? Joo-hee (Kang Jin-ah) is majoring in pure arts and dreams of going to France. She's a role model for everyone as she is beautiful and talented. Jeong-woo (Lee Joo-seung) is her fellow schoolmate who is a web-toon writer wannabe and he likes Joo-hee but he doesn't dare approach her. One day, Jeong-woo finds out that Joo-hee is a student in the day but a 'ten-pro' call girl at night. They become close now that they share a secret. Materially and emotionally, Jeong-woo helps Joo-hee as she wants to graduate with lots of money and with high grades. However, Jeong-woo's first Dong-hwa (Jeong Yeong-gi) also find out Joo-hee's secret and all sorts of rumors and X-files about her begging to spread.

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