Bare Skin (2016) [เกาหลี 18+]

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Bare Skin (2016) [เกาหลี 18+]

category: Korea 18+

ผู้กำกับ: Doctor Phil (닥터 필)

Synopsis: Dong-wook is on his first day of work and finds out there's only the female owner and the female team manager in the office. The team manager Mi-ran claim everyone's gone on vacation and shows Dong-wook his seat. However, Dong-wook is surprised at the way she approaches him. They secretly have sex in the office. Later, he has a talk with Eun-min the owner and she tells him to be good to her if he wants to keep working there. Then she asks him for a massage. Now, Mi-ran and Eun-min start to bully him in the most peculiar way...

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